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ÅSE Art Studio

I refer to vulnerable, expressive, emotional, and deep, artwork. This line expresses more of who I am as a person and as an artist. It brings me out of my comfort zone (I enjoy avoiding vulnerability) and allows me to touch base with parts of me I tend to neglect.

The reason I chose the name “Åse” is because of my Norse Viking heritage which I have been exploring over the last few years, I also love the pronunciation of the word. It is a Norse name, pronounced as “Oh-Sa”, when you pronounce the "oh" the vibrations of the sound travel within you and when you release the "sa" the sounds and vibrations release, as if a sigh of relief. You feel a release, which is a perfect symbol for what my art depicts. A release of deep vulnerable emotions from deep within.

I have been drawing since I could hold a pencil, and became a self taught artist as I grew up. An artist was the first dream I had. But I had dropped the dream, I didn't believe I was good enough, and I didn't believe in passions being an occupation. It's common for artists to have a lot of self doubt, seems to come with the job. So, I had taken a break from my art for many years. Hardly ever picked up a pencil, and forgot the happiness it gives me, and the escape it is that I need. One day, I woke up. And realized that art and music are the most natural things for me.

Some of my more professional art experience started when I was 13 years old, I was offered my first contract to paint a billboard for a local ranch. My next professional encounter was having my Roman Colosseum India Ink drawing I did in Grade 12 showcased in a Gala. I attended a PVA (Performing Visual Arts) high school, and participated in the Art program, and music program. After high school, I did not showcase my art or tell anyone I was an artist. I kept my work very private. It wasn't until 2019 did I start sharing my art with the world, and since then I have participated in a variety of art exhibition events, hosted a variety of workshops, and plan to do so much more!

My musical side - I have been a musician since I could sit upright at a piano. The piano is like an extension to my body, I am self taught on the piano and have never taken any sort of piano lessons. For my piano playing, I tend to gravitate towards ballads. My other musical experience is with vocals and clarinet, I am hoping to some day bring the clarinet back and make it hip and cool! In high school I spent majority of my time in the band room, I was both a band and choir geek, and travelled all around Western Canada as well as all of the United Kingdom performing all over England and Scotland. Singing is the best way to heal, it's the one passion of mine that I practice daily no matter what, it is the language of my soul. I am excited to begin to share some of my music with you all very soon, stay tuned!

So, I am incredibly excited for this journey. I am so happy to be creating and sharing my art & music. I have learned that my art touches hearts, especially when I share the story behind my intuitive paintings. I find we all relate to each other in some way. I have issues with vulnerability, and art is the best way for me to express that. 


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