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ÅSE The Artist

Hello, my name is Adelle Rodger, or my artist name, ÅSE. I am drawn to creating artwork that delves into vulnerability, expression, emotion, and depth. This artistic path takes me beyond my comfort zone, as I often find solace in avoiding vulnerability. However, it's through this exploration that I reconnect with neglected parts of myself, allowing for a deeper understanding and expression of my inner world.

The name "Åse" resonates with me deeply due to my Norse Viking heritage, which I've been delving into over recent years. Pronounced as "Oh-Sa," the name carries a unique resonance. When the "oh" reverberates within, followed by the release of the "sa," it echoes a sense of relief and release—a perfect reflection of the emotional depths my art seeks to convey.

Drawing has been a lifelong passion for me, beginning from the moment I could grasp a pencil. Despite initially abandoning the dream of becoming an artist due to self-doubt and skepticism about turning passions into a profession, I eventually rediscovered the intrinsic joy and therapeutic escape that art provides. My journey as a self-taught artist began to take shape once again, reminding me of the innate connection between art and my sense of self.

My professional artistic journey started at the age of 13 when I received my first contract to paint a billboard for a local ranch. Later, my India Ink drawing of the Roman Colosseum, created during my senior year of high school, was showcased at a Gala event. Although I initially kept my art private, in 2019, I began sharing my creations with the world. Since then, I've actively participated in various art exhibitions and workshops, with plans for further endeavors in the future.

Music has always been intertwined with my life, especially through my self-taught piano skills, which I've cultivated since childhood. The piano serves as an extension of myself, often drawing me towards emotive ballads. Additionally, I have experience with vocals and the clarinet, with aspirations to reintroduce the latter in a contemporary context. As a former band and choir enthusiast, I've had the opportunity to perform extensively across Western Canada, England, and Scotland, finding solace and healing through the universal language of music.

Embarking on this creative journey fills me with excitement and gratitude. Through my art and music, I've discovered the power of storytelling and vulnerability to connect with others on a profound level. Despite grappling with vulnerability, I've found that art provides a safe haven for authentic expression—a journey I eagerly anticipate continuing and sharing with others.


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